10 Things You need to know about kgf chapter 2

On the Occasion Of Birthday Of Rocking Star Yash Aka Rocky Bhai the much awaited teaser of Kgf Chapter 2 base been released on YouTube. The teaser was released in the official Channel of Hombale films. Since it’s release KGF Chapter 2 teaser is on the ride of breaking several records. The teaser First broker the record of most watch teaser in the first 24 hours of it’s Release. Then the 2 record that the teaser broker is the most watched and liked teaser in the whole world.

This is just the beginning because the official trailer of the movie is yet to be released and if the teaser has crossed 145 Million views then magine What will be the reaction of audience to the trailer.

Today we are going to Share 10 interesting Facts About KGF Chapter 1 and KGF Chapter 2 that you guys may not Know. So let’s Get Started

  • KGF Chapter 1 on the first day of its release Earned ₹25 crore worldwide, which is the highest opening ever in history of Kannada film industry. Alone in the Karnataka capital Bengaluru , the film has earned about ₹5 crore on day 1. This record is going to being break by KGF Chapter 2 According to most of the Trade Analyst.
  • Kgf Chapter 1 became the first Kannada film to cross ₹100, ₹200 and ₹250 crores at the box office.
  • Kgf Chapter 1 is the first kannada movie to get released in Pakistan.
  • Chapter 1 Was Clashed With Sharukh Khan Zero in the box office and even managed to outperform it.
  • The makers have confirmed that the movie will be based in More Urban Cities as compared to the Chapter 1 in the which Most part of the story revolves around Kolar Gold Fields.
  • Kgf is prasanth neel 2nd block buster movie and he is even going to direct the next movie of bahubali Fame Prabhas Salaar .
  • Sensiational music Of the movie is given by Ravi bassu and Bhuvan gowdas Cinematography made tremendous magic and resulted in huge success.
  • Kgf tag was the most used movie tag in tik too with over 1b mentions.
  • KGF Chapter 1 had earlier won two National Awards in 2019 for Best Action and Best Special Effects. 
  • The bade which gave the music to the Chapter 1 contains most of the international musicians.
  • Kgf Chapter 1 is one of the most listened and liked music albums in Indian movie history.

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